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Space Hijackers Video

MAYDAY Cricket Vs The Government
Anarchists Vs The State. A Mayday cricket match on Parliament Square.

Circle Line Party 3
Once more onto the tubes for our largest and most chaotic journey
Join us on safari in London's 4x4 wilderness

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The A-Z of Retail Trickery
A tour of Birmingham, Europes largest shopping centre pointing out all the devious little tricks shops use to make us buy more.
Circle Line Party 2
The Space Hijackers go underground for one of the best parties held in the history of trouble
Tea & Cucumber Sandwich Party
Buy Nothing Day 2002, The Gallant chaps at Not Cricket serve up refreshments outside Starbucks Leicester Sq.

Soscoon CLP
Agent Soscoons mix up of CLP2 & CLP3, plus lots of extra footage


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