In the light of the police's conduct at the G20 demonstrations, where arbitrary detention, assault and eventually murder seemed to be not simply the actions of a few 'bad apples', but rather institutional policy. We were glad to see that someone had decided to make their recruitment adverts rather more honest.


Whilst out cycling one night, the Space Hijackers noticed that some clever sort seems to have a key to the bus stop advertising boards.

As all of the police recruitment adverts in the east end seem to have a rather more sinister shadow added. We can only assume that the cunning pranksters simply lay on some cardboard boxes, drew around themselves holding a pole, then cut out the shape and simply slipped it in behind the Police posters.

However they managed it, the effect was quite striking, and shows the police in somewhat of a more honest light. The beauty being that the adverts look normal in daylight, and it's only when the night draws in and the backlighting is switched on that they appear.

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