Other Projects

So Who Said We Had No Mates?
Here's a List of the Buggers!

Adbusters Canadian based culture jammer central, and a magazine enticing scruffy kids to scrawl over billboards. Well done we say!

Billboard Liberation Front Political minded vandals, going around destroying all the lovely adverts around town.

C6.org/evol Malarkey with big brother, a penchant for public information signs and a Space Hijacker to boot.

Fan Club Wearing targets on their heads this lot are every shop assistants nightmare.

Indymedia.org Media Whores of the worst kind, Check out whats going on without the help of THEM and burn your copy of the Sunday Sport (Those of you that look at the words that is).

Labofii.net The Laboratory Of Insurrectory Imagination, a network of artistic activists, plotting, scheming and causing all manner of trouble together.

Lumpen.com A Chicago Mag who get their kicks by printing incitement to trouble.

MobileClubbing.com Disco to your walkman in public! Join in a rave at a train station, or boogie on down to the shopping centre.

Movement of the imagination art activist group who travel the world fighting the ugly beast that is capitalism.

MUTI Corporate truth merchants, The truth the whole truth and anything but the truth.

My Dads Strip Club Anti-Consumerism bandits who make cashiers spell naughty things in receipts.

NATO Manchester based TV hating naughty kids. Organisers of the Blitz festival of political art.

NoLogo The online accompanyment to the book that is making Nike shit it's pants, We love Naomi.

NotBored.org New York based promoter of all things bad and Situationist. Also home of the Security Camera Players, a paranoid bunch of thesps if ever their was one.

Reverend Rat Neither a real reverend nor infact a rat, instead a very crazy character lurking around the technological underground and someone who can make anything out of anything else!

Reclaim the Streets A bunch of evil, anarchist thugs if ever there were some (Or so we read in the Standard), plotting to stop such honorable things like traffic, pollution and the closing down of communities.

SchNews Brighton based weekly direct ation and protest magazine/website.

Softhook.com Anti CCTV, pirate radio broadcasting Duo. With a thing or two to say about Mobs (or mobile vulgus to the more educated of you).

Squatspace.com Australian spoof estate agents for empty buildings to squat and a network of artistic troublemakers.

Stop Shopping Uk roadshow of an international bunch of anti shopping hoodlums.

Stuffit Stencils, spoof adverts, subvertising and probably other things beginning with letters other than S.

Subsol Webzine about all things electronic and activist.

Supersphere.com Lumpen's Bigger internet Sister.

Urban75.com A Site for all of you who wish to get into trouble with the Old Bill, whilst ranting about trolls, trots and social workers.

The Vacuum Cleaner Cleaning up after capitalism.

Climbing / Exploration

Climbing Club Malinkys climbing club, home to many an adventure

House Gymnastics Climbing skills to be perfected in your bedsit!

Urban Freeflow Londons very own leparkour group, jumping around the capitals skyline

Urbex UK Urban Exploration website

Art / Fasion / Culture

Look Left and Right Anti-Levi's jeans, and jumpers to cause trouble with at Niketown, all hand styled by these troublesome tailors.

Immo Klink Photograper to the protestors, images of the Circle Line Party and much more!

MSDM.org.uk The Brixton based community chaos organising crew, Responsible for all amount of trouble at Brixton Tube.

Stunt Club Norwegian exhibition group, bringing together all sorts of hoodlums and bandits under one roof

Stories From Space Agent Ladybirds wonderful world of secret buildings, miniature landscapes, moss graffiti and more.

Economics / Politics

The Axiom Foundation Encouraging people to rant at each other over the political changes of the day.

Neweconomics.org Economists who write about globalisation, free trade, IMF, WTO etc. Who are not trying to nick your money and screw the third world.


Dirtytechno.org Leeds based website for all you fithy lovers of electronic aural punishment.

Mirror Images The best Disco lighting service in the world, which also happens to be run by my best friend

Weird People / Porn

Bizarre Perverts, Freaks of nature, Idiots, Saucy couples, Animals, Bondage, Spanking and now an article on us.

Artofsex.co.uk A filthy website of prostitute cards, which also happens to include our own ones!

HostageCasting.com Very strange and disturbing, rent a hostage, weapon and resort to take them to.


ezln.org The official site of the EZLN (Zapatista National Liberation Army)

Ricardo Dominguez Home of Electronic Civil Disobedience (Floodnet) and a host of Zapatismo info

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